Custom business solutions

Custom business solutions

We make fully customised business solutions that help improve your business.

Are you starting a new business, or looking to improve an existing one? We can help by developing a solution to help manage and scale your business effectively, removing bottlenecks from processes, and human errors.

The solution, customised for your business needs, will provide insightful data points from your business processes and activities to draw conclusions and help the decision makers.

The solution is designed to also improve communication and visibility within your organisation and help you provide better value to your customers.

How does it work?

Requirement analysis

We analyse your business and processes, and determine how technology can be used effectively in your use case.


We prepare a blueprint of the software with various features, discuss how these features would help your business, and which ones are most relevant and important.


After brainstorming, we prepare a UI based prototype application to demonstrate the flow, and give you a better idea of what you are going to get as the final product.


Once the feature set is finalised we develop the solution according to your business needs


Once developed and tested, the solution is deployed in the cloud for integration into your business, and necessary training is provided to relevant people in your organisation to help reap the maximum benefit.

Industry verticals

We have worked with several organisations in the following industry verticals in improving their business processes.

Hospitality management E-commerce Hospital, Diagnostic clinics and Medical Records Management Inventory/Procurement/Warehousing/PoS Shipping and Logistics Management Customer Relationship Management Learning Management Asset Management Real estate marketplace, investment Live/on Demand Video Streaming

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