Face/image recognition

Face/image recognition

Transform audio visual records into insightful data

Audio visual information has gradually surpassed text as the preferred way of modern day communication. This poses a challenge for business owners to analyze, categorize, and draw insightful observations from the audio visual data collected as part of regular conversation or feedback from their customers.


Support call analysis

Speaker detection and emotion analysis for customer satisfaction tracking.

Text to speech

Conversion and tagging of audio data with transcribed and searchable textual data for searching, and categorisation.

Face detection and recognition

For attendance marking, visual tagging , visual search and abstract meta data collection, like age, happiness level, and surroundings.

Scene and activity detection

Detection of objects, people, scenes and specific activities in images or in a live video feed.


Search and detect patterns in audio/video files to match from sample fingerprints for copyright claims.

Our Audio/Video/Image Analysis And Recognition Solutions enable businesses to gain insight from this data by analyzing and extracting meaningful information that is relevant and can drive decision making.

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