We offer complete end-to-end solutions from concept to Design, Build, Own & Operation of WTG, Solar, and Waste to energy, E-combustible power plants. Our services include wind, solar WTE and E-combustible resource assessment, site acquisition, infrastructure development, erection and commissioning, and long term O&M of power projects. We are an Independent Power Producer of Wind, Solar, Waste to Energy, Biomass, E-combustible power.

Wind Power Sector

Our major services in wind power sector include site acquisition, wind resource assessment, erection and commissioning, infrastructure development and maintenance, developing wind farms for sale and generating wind power.

Solar Power Sector

With us, the process of buying and installing solar energy becomes quick, easy, and effortless.

Waste to Energy Power Sector

We manage Waste-to-Energy facilities in the world to treat municipal solid waste while creating renewable energy.

Biomass Sector

We help our customers and communities harness the potential of biomass energy by building power and cogeneration facilities that cleanly burn renewable waste to fuel specialized engines that generate power and heat.

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